Pictures of Cats and Kittens Unleashed!

Cute Pictures of Cats Make Your Day

Sleeping cat and kittenWelcome to the pictures of cats and kittens paradise!

Here is my collection of pictures, I gather them over the years of internet browsing. My hope is to make you laugh and feel good.

I am owner of 2 cats and always admire these amazing creatures. I can hug them at any time. I like to take pictures of them, because no other creature can put its body in such unbelievable position.

I always smile when see cat lying on her back, paws pointing to the ceiling and she sleeps in this position! Can you do this? Impossible for a human!

Sleeping kittenCats are amazing creatures – they can sleep or stand in unbelievable positions. Some of us relate to cats and find pleasure in their company and cats seem to find pleasure in ours.

Cats are not idle or casual possessions but faithful companions and valuable members of our family. Sharing your life with a cat is a wonderful thing. You are taking on a friend for life. Make it a long, healthy and happy life for your cat and your own life is sure to improve in quality and may be in longevity as well.

After a long day I like to hug my cats, even while I am writing this they lay next to me and I feel their warmth and love. Nobody can resist their love, I am in love for life!

Enjoy my collection of pictures of cats and pictures of kittens!

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