Cat Names for Female and Male Cats

I’ve selected the best unique cat names for all types of new born kittens. You have to choose your cat name very carefully because it says much about you and your cat. Mind is strange thing and people tend to react to cat name positively or even are ready to judge your cat according to her name.

What kind of cat name you prefer?

Do you want your cat to have name according to her sex – this means that people will recognize your cat as female or male immediately after they notice her name.

Or you want to choose from breed related names? There are cat names related to every breed. For example if you have Siamese kitten, may be for her are appropriate Siamese cat names.

Some people want their cat’s name to say much about her appearance. Black or white, calico or tabby you want cat name to describe your kitten look.

Okay, it is time to choose from our collection of cat names.

Female Cat Names
Here are the best female cat names. Choose from female cat names that best fit to your cat lady.

Male Cat Names
Large list of male cat names. Select your cat boy name.

Unique Cat Names
How to create unique cat names? Your cat deserves creativity, so why not think of unique cat name? Take my lessons!

Siamese Cat Names
Siamese cat names for proud owners of this breed.

Black Cat Names
Black cat names bring the magic of these mystic animals.