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How to Create Unique Cat Names

Author: breeder

How to Create Unique Cat Names

Simple Steps to Create Unique Cat Names

Your cat deserves creativity, so why not think of unique cat names to choose from? In my experience the easiest way is to write a list of cat names and to hold it in front of your eyes.

Step 1

When is born your cat, in March or in January or other month? Now let’s take March for example. And for the example your cat is a female. Possible female cat names are:

  • Marchisima
  • Martina
  • Martisha
  • Martirima
  • Marchilya

Possible male cat names for cats born in March:

  • Marchisimo
  • Martin
  • Martisho
  • Martirim
  • Marchil

Now make the same exercise for cats born in March, but think of names which have month “March” in your own language – for example March in Bulgarian is “Mart” (????).

Let’s make the same exercise for cats born in January. Possible female cat names are:

  • Janina
  • Januariya
  • Januareta
  • Janliya
  • Janka

Possible male cat names for cats born in January:

  • Janko
  • Januaruso
  • Januaryto
  • Janlikito
  • Janjanran

Step 2

You don’t want to connect you cat name with a month and you want unusual cat name. You need a starting point.

For example cat or kitten appearance. Cat coat is a big inspiration for unique cat names creation.

For example your cat’s coat has many spots in different colors (or one color). Possible unique cat names:

  • Spotty
  • Spoteya
  • Speckita
  • Speckila
  • Blotokomo
  • Blotko
  • Blotica
  • Splashiko
  • Splashla
  • Splasheya
  • Patchisimo
  • Patchata
  • Patch-Mach
  • Patchelita
  • Patchi
  • Star
  • Starelita

Step 3

You have your cat/kitten for some days, you haven’t thought of a name yet, but you see some sharp character signs, like too frisky, playful, lazy, greedy, affectionate behaviour. Or your cat likes to jump high, to make snags, to surprise you … Why not think of unique cat name that describes your cat temper? For example:

  • Jumper
  • Greedko
  • Lazynina
  • Sir Prize
  • Frisker
  • Playki

Step 4

You want to choose from cute cat names and don’t want to create your own cat name. No, problem, you can choose from names that I created :). I will write what cat is good to have following cat names:

*Note: All names below are my creation and I didn’t copy them, feel free to name your cat from the list of cat names below:

  • Katalina – female cat name, suitable for gorgeous cat with an imposing figure
  • Lilin – suitable for tender and loving female or male cat
  • Kalinate – suitable for a cat with a coat with spots
  • Tigrate – suitable for a cat with a tiger coat
  • Gasal – suitable for fast running cats, cats who love to run
  • Mechka – suitable for very sleepy and drowsy cats
  • Roshko – for a male cat with bushy coat hair
  • Glezla – for a female cat who loves lap and hug
  • Rijko – for a cat with red-coat
  • Snejanka – for a female white cat
  • Garvan – for a male black cat
  • Lazur – for a male Russian Blue or Nebelung cats
  • Belia – for a male or female cat who always get in trouble

Try chosen cat name on your pet and see its reaction. Assure that you will have strong and nice connection with your cat.