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He is an overweight lap kitty

Author: breeder

My husband has never liked cats. When we suddenly had a mouse problem, I talked him into getting a cat for our house. He turned to Freecycle and Craigslist. It was almost like it was meant to happen.

My husband found a woman who was having to give away her husband’s cat because their little girl had developed allergies.

When she bought him to our house, he was scared and extremely nervous. My husband was afraid he had made a mistake.

After Jax warmed up to us, he made himself right at home. He is an overweight lap kitty. He would rather be next to someone or in their lap than anywhere else. He is a fat kitty. He wheezes when he purrs, grunts while he sleeps, and when he gets excited he drools everywhere. He is a silly character.

His favorite past time is sitting in the chair underneath our dinning room table. There he waits for our dogs to walk by to eat, drink, or go outside. When they pass he will hit them on their heads.

He loves teasing my 10 month old son to play. He will walk by and drag his tail across my son, knowing he will want to play. At the end of the night, after everyone is asleep, he will jump in my lap and wheeze/purr until bedtime.

When I was pregnant he refused to sit anywhere unless I was within arms length. He would follow me anywhere I went. He is a silly kitty and at times acts more like a dog than a cat.

He comes running when you call his name (or his nickname, Fat Fat). Every morning he is up crying for food as soon as anyone gets up. He has to sleep in between my husband and myself, well until our baby comes to our bed. He will make room for him.

Mr. Pookie was rescued from a shelter but I really feel he rescued me. My son and I picked him out just before we moved to our new home. I was leaving the only town I had ever lived in for 45 years and I wasn’t sure what the future held for my son, Mr. Pookie and me.

Never thought I would get divorced after 2 years of marriage and that I would become a cat person! My son wanted Mr. Pookie so bad but as with all wants, it turned into a cat that I have taken care of and fallen head over heels for.

My companion when my son’s at school, my alarm clock every morning at 6:00.(can’t believe you wrote that- on the dot at 6:00! Even on Saturday and Sunday! If only he would learn to sleep in!

My entrainment when I’m blue, Mr.Pookie has filled emptiness in me. He is funny and to this day a little in the nervous side. I will never know what he went through before he became mine but I know he will always feel love and security from me.

He is one of the family, a happy family who is thankful for a cat’s unselfish love.


A touching story about lovable cat

Author: breeder

I find cats very interesting pets to me. The way they cuddle their furry bodies, heads and even tails to my legs. They exude a unique fascinating character and comfortable peculiarity of being an adorable pet.

I have this very interesting experience with a pet cat I loved few years back in a place where I used to live. Actually, this is a strayed cat from a neighbor. It is unusual to have a pet transferring from one house to another but this one I observed ever since I temporarily stayed in that neighborhood, this lovely cat with fine gray colored fur would actually jump on my open window and tuck snuggling herself beside me during night time when I am sound asleep.

I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night patting her and whispering loving words to her, welcoming her to my side. I called her my girlfriend’s name Joanna because I imagine she would be there sleeping with me and watching over me that reminds me of my sweet memories with my girlfriend when we have our intimate moments together cuddling and embracing each other.

This cat is very gorgeous and lovely because she seems to be sweet and cuddly. She would always follow me wherever I go and snuggle its mushy fur on my skin. This pussy cat displays a character of an extremely loving type which I do not find in any other cats I had.

But one day I was moving out of the place for this was just a temporary stay, I was looking for her thinking I could bring her with me but I thought it is very impossible because somebody really own this adorable cat.

So, I was just peeping on my window to look after her and just bid my last goodbye at least. As I was packing up my things and carry my luggage to the truck, I was still looking behind with my eyes searching all over the place hoping I might catch a glance and give her my last hug.

But to my dismay I get on the car and driving away from that place lonesome just reminiscing the happy memories I’ve had with her. While I was driving my way out of the neighborhood, I heard the person at the back seat of my truck, shouting and yelling at me at the top of his voice, “The cat! The cat! She’s following us and running after the truck!”

My eyes were filled with tears and overflowing my cheeks because I can feel the sadness and the longing of that cat struggling her way out running desperately after me where I will be heading. I cannot stop and look back or pick her up because she is not really mine and she belongs to someone else.

I absolutely love my cat! He is as much a part of the family as anyone. My cat is what I like to refer to as a “pound puppy”. We got him from a shelter when he was about 7 weeks old.

He was so tiny he only weighed about a pound and could not even eat solid food! He was my first “out of the cage” animal, so I did not know what to expect.

It was a shock to me to see just how energetic kittens are, but after those initial growing pains, it was great! I lived alone when I first get my cat (I have since gotten married) and we were inseparable.

I used to go home at lunch everyday to spend time with him and he would lick my lunch bowl when I was done. He also used to suck on his tail when he was a baby. I never quite figured out why he would do that, but it was so cute!

My cat is now almost five, but he still thinks he is a kitten. He will stand in front of the bedroom door and cry if only myself or my husband has woken up for the day and the other is sleeping.

He also comes running when we call him, which we get a kick out of. Our cat is definitely like a child to us and we would not trade him in for anything!

My previous cat had died a few months earlier and I was torn between not wanting to go through the pain of losing another pet and the desire to have another warm, purring body next to me.

A close friend called me to say an acquaintance connected with the local animal shelter knew of a full-grown cat that needed a home. He had been living outdoors in upstate New York for some time and was finally enticed into the “Have a Heart” trap by the delicious canned cat food.

When I first saw him in the shelter and opened the cage door, he jumped right out into my arms and cuddled. He was a very handsome black, white and grey cat with a black stripe running completely down his back and pretty white paws.

It was love at first sight. I wanted an Old Testament sounding name for him and settled on Zachariah, or Zak for short. He soon added to his name by tearing around the floor of the bedroom chasing his tale.

His full name is Zachariah Tailchaser and, although he is older now, he still puts aside all dignity and occasionally chases his tail for old times sake. I truly believe that he had been starving in his time outside and, when he came to our home, vowed never to be hungry again.

He never saw a can of cat food or a bag of kibble that he didn’t like. He ate his way to eighteen pounds and had to be put on a strict died after becoming diabetic. He now gets a small amount of canned cat food in the morning and two small meals of a special brand of Purina dry cat food for diabetic cats.

To say he hates the diet is to understate his feelings entirely, but he now weighs 12 pounds and is much healthier. He supplements his died by catching whatever rodents he can find, gobbling them tail and all.

My Husband and I moved to a new place a year ago. We kept our elderly cat in the shop for several weeks till she got used to the new place. After several weeks we let her out unknowing we were infested with feral cats.

One night our cat was lying out on the lawn and a feral cat came up and chased our cat. She was missing for two weeks and we finally gave up on her. Exactly 3 weeks to the date I went out to the wood shed to get some wood and a cat pounce at me and I was surprised it was our cat come home.

She was skin and bones, her check was badly cut, but she was home. And now we keep her in the shop at night and run the feral cats off if we see them hanging around.

The feral cats will sneak up and eat our cats food when were not looking. They have become a real problem where I live. I called the pound to see if they could do something but since this is a small town they don’t do anything about cats.

So as I set here these feral cats are multiplying twice a year then the kittens that surive have kittens.

I was in the bottom of a deep depression when a coworker mentioned her cat had had kittens. She asked if I would like one and I told her yes however she lived out in the country so she would have to drive the kitten in to town before work the following week.

She was planning a trip that week as well. When she went out to her garage the kittens had been moved by their mother and the coworker could not find them. After returning from her trip she found there had been raccoons in her garage.

We prayed the raccoons did not get to the kittens and were very happy when she found the mama cat and her liter. I was finally able to see a picture of the kittens so I could pick out which one I wanted.

My coworker then found out she was pregnant. Since her and her husband had miscarried before they were very cautious about everything and she did not want to bring the cat into town. She was going to have her husband bring the kitten to me.

When he was able to finally bring me the new litter kitten it was almost a month later. The kitten was 7 weeks old and cute as could be. He was just a little handful of fuzz. I brought him home to my family and we began to litter train it.

We had to go to the store and pick out all the necessities. He would need a liter box and a dish. We got kitten first foods and a container to keep it fresh. The kitten seemed pleased with all his new things but most of all he loved his new toys.

He had a string and a ball with a bell in it. I bought him a kitty hunt that has places for him to lay at different heights and peak out through the holes at me. He may have to grow into that. He tried so hard to get into the higher level.

He jumps and you can see him spring up and then hear his claws scraping desperately at the fabric trying to get his butt up over the edge of the landing.

We did not know what to name him so in the mean time we kept calling him “Tiger.” The name stuck. He is a gray striped tabby cat. I had called him Tiger originally because of the way he pounced at his toys on the floor and stalked my feet under my blankets.

He could tumble and roll for hours with just a string. He would hop over it with his arms stretched wide and crash down into a roll kicking the string high into the air and then racing to his feet to bat it with his paws again.

Since he was striped it seemed to fit his appearance also. He is very playful and spunky. He still has sharp little kitty claws. They are most noticeable when he tried climbing up my legs after I return home. He loves to be held and will sit perched on my shoulder most the day. Since he has moved in he has brought a smile to my face.

My depression has gotten better and I have started to get more done around the house again. It is amazing the effect of little kitten that loves you can have. I take Tiger every where I go in the pocket of my sweatshirt. He seems to enjoy the covert mission to get through the store unnoticed.

If people do notice him however, they smile. It seems to be contagious. He doesn’t seem to mind the car ride either. Some cats will freak out if they are in a vehicle but Tiger just sits in my pocket and doesn’t seem to mind at all.

He also likes to sit on my back and play with my pony tail while I am reading a book on my bed. It’s hard to concentrate when he makes me laugh, but I don’t mind the interruption.

When I am sitting at my desk typing, he loves to catch my finger as they press different keys. I can’t be mad at him though because he is so curious and cute.

I had a cat 20 years ago who was a Siamese named Timmy. He lived a long and happy life and died at age 19. It broke my heart when he died and I went 11 years without having a pet.

Finally, I decided I needed and wanted another cat. I wasn’t sure about what kind I wanted, so I made a trip down to the Lake County Humane Society. There were a lot of nice cats there but none really tugged at my heartstrings. I kept going weekly for around a month.

The day I found my sweet baby is a day I’ll never forget. When I walked in I heard loud cater walling – and I couldn’t mistake that Siamese sound. There she was agitated because she was locked up in a cage.

As soon as the lady let her out and put her in my arms she started purring. I took her home and named her “Merlot” after my favorite wine. Merlot is now 9 years old. She is the smartest cat I’ve ever seen. Her hearing is exceptional-she can hear you open the drawer and get a fork out.

She loves it when I sing to her any old song will do, as long as I’m carrying her around. She brings her favorite cat toy (a mouse) and drops it at your feet so that you’ll throw it. Sometimes I think she’s more dog that cat.

Whenever I lock her out of the bedroom she walks around singing loudly strange sounds, not meows that get louder and louder until I open the door. She’s also very beautiful, as all Siamese cats are.

I read somewhere that Siamese cats are high maintenance and don’t like to be alone. I wouldn’t classify her as high maintenance, but she does love lots and lots of attention and she especially likes to sit on your lap and purr.

I’m so glad that she found her way into my life. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Sorry, I don’t see anyplace on here to upload a picture.


I think the cat thought she was a dog

Author: breeder

I would say Emma was a very intelligent cat with an adorable personality and shiny short brown fur.
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I loved my cat, Emma. A few years ago I went to a special Siamese cattery to look for the perfect Siamese kitten. I found several beauties, but a silly all brown cat from the Siamese family, kept jumping up and following me around as I was on my search.

Finally I decided to notice her and talked to her and she responded with such love and meowing and purring, and of course rubbing herself up against me at every chance she could get, that how could I not fall in love.

So instead of the kitten, yes, you got it! I decided on Emma. She was the most perfect cat I had ever owned. If you threw a wad of paper she would run and fetch it and bring it back to me and dropped it back on my lap.

I think she thought she was a dog. Speaking of dog, I had a big white boxer at the time and Emma warmed up to her the minute they met. Her name was Sophy, and Sophy was cautious at first and didn’t know what to make of Emma, but as the days went by, they soon became best friends.

In fact Emma would curl up on a sleeping Sophy who was also curled up on the floor too! I would say Emma was a very intelligent cat with an adorable personality and shiny short brown fur. I loved her very much. Emma stayed with us for 9 years before passing on, but she will always remain in my heart. I doubt I’ll ever find another cat quite like Emma.

I was looking to buy a cat for my niece’s birthday, so I looked in the newspaper and answered an ad that was giving kittens away to a good home for free. I called the lady over the phone and arranged to meet her at her home where the kittens were. She told me that her cat had six kittens, which were starting to wreak havoc with all of their “foolery”, and she just had to get rid of them save one.

I looked at them and absolutely fell in love with an all black one with gray stripes. He was so cute, and I knew that my niece would never get this one, so I chose another for her. Of course, my next stop was the pet store where I spent too much money on things my kitten needed, like food, a scratching post, litter box, and some toys for her to play with.

When I got her home, I tried to think of a name for her, and I came up with “whiskers” because it seemed that her whiskers were bigger than her entire head. Over the next few weeks, I began to get a sense of what the woman who gave me the kittens meant by “foolery”.

My Whiskers was getting into all kinds of trouble, jumping and climbing all over the furniture getting her black hairs everywhere. I came home one evening to find that she has toppled my plants on my plant stand, and had made my potted plant her personal hang out.

Nevertheless, I cannot say it was all that bad, she was quite the entertainer, darting from place to place, and curling up next to me in my bed when I was asleep. After kitten hood, I noticed that she was maturing.

She was not into that much trouble as she got older, and preferred to be outside most of the day if the weather was fair. She also loves to sit in the kitchen window in the sunlight, purring contentedly with her tail wrapped around her.

After a hard day, it feels good to come home and be greeted by her “Yowl” when I open the door. I feed her, give her water and she comes to me when I’m unwinding from a hard day and cuddles with me for awhile before going on to do whatever it is she does outside. She is the sweetest, most darling companion I can ask for, and as I type this, she is rubbing up against my leg, wanting to be let out for her evening prowl.