As you are starting to plan your summer travels, might as well think about taking your pet cat with you. However, it’s not going to be an easy preparation. Getting an airplane ticket for yourself is easy while getting your cats tickets may take a little more planning.

Airlines have federal rules to follow when it comes to pet air travel. These guidelines and restrictions may cause you some headache and frustrations. You just have to bear in mind that they have been put in place for your pet’s safety.

To help you prepare, try to follow this checklist for a much comfortable and safer trip:

1) Health check
- Make sure that you have updated the vaccinations of your cats.

- Make sure she has the suitable protection against heart worm. This is important especially if you’ll be visiting an area where mosquitoes overly populate.

2) Stuffing-up for your cats
- You must carry with you the all the necessary certificates and health proof of your pets all the time. Surely, you’ll be required to show those papers along with your cats once you will carry them on board.

- Don’t forget to prepare water for your cats, as well as the food bowl. Also, be sure to include in the pack all necessary equipments like grooming stuffs and medicines (particularly for heartworm). It’s also better to take a supply of the regular food they eat so that digestive problems may not likely happen. You are not certain that their cat food is available at your destination so it’s always better to be prepared.

3) Need for Identification
- Be certain that your cats are wearing identification tags, even when not traveling. State the following information: name of your pet, guardian’s name, resident address, contact details.

4) Safety travel tips by car
- You should always confine your cats in their carrier.

- Don’t leave your cats in an enclosed vehicle; too much heat and inadequate air supply can cause heat exhaustion, asphyxiation, and worst – death.

5) Safety travel tips by air
- If possible, do not travel during peak seasons because flight delays happen frequently and in longer duration.

- There are some airlines that will allow cats to travel with their owners if and only the cat carrier will fit under passenger’s seat. Or else, put them inside a carrier which meets the airline regulations and with label “Live Animal” outside.

- Place a pad or even a piece of cloth at the bottom of the cat’s carrier floor. On the door, place a bowl with water on it – (bowl must be deep enough) to avoid water from spilling.

As an added tip, don’t feed your pets for at least three hours before hitting the road. If you’ll be on the road for eight hours or longer, give them time to use a litter pan three or four times. Also, be sure to offer them fresh drinking water along the way. But don’t forget to feed them shortly after you arrive at your destination.

Most importantly, take good care of them while traveling. Especially if they aren’t used to travels, they could be uneasy and grow sick and tried of the trip. So you have to plan your trip carefully. And don’t forget to get colored pictures of cats taken way ahead of your travel. Keep them with you during the travel so that you have something to show or post in lost and found ads, should they get lost during your vacation. That will ensure you that you can come home with your beloved pets from your vacation.

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