My previous cat had died a few months earlier and I was torn between not wanting to go through the pain of losing another pet and the desire to have another warm, purring body next to me.

A close friend called me to say an acquaintance connected with the local animal shelter knew of a full-grown cat that needed a home. He had been living outdoors in upstate New York for some time and was finally enticed into the “Have a Heart” trap by the delicious canned cat food.

When I first saw him in the shelter and opened the cage door, he jumped right out into my arms and cuddled. He was a very handsome black, white and grey cat with a black stripe running completely down his back and pretty white paws.

It was love at first sight. I wanted an Old Testament sounding name for him and settled on Zachariah, or Zak for short. He soon added to his name by tearing around the floor of the bedroom chasing his tale.

His full name is Zachariah Tailchaser and, although he is older now, he still puts aside all dignity and occasionally chases his tail for old times sake. I truly believe that he had been starving in his time outside and, when he came to our home, vowed never to be hungry again.

He never saw a can of cat food or a bag of kibble that he didn’t like. He ate his way to eighteen pounds and had to be put on a strict died after becoming diabetic. He now gets a small amount of canned cat food in the morning and two small meals of a special brand of Purina dry cat food for diabetic cats.

To say he hates the diet is to understate his feelings entirely, but he now weighs 12 pounds and is much healthier. He supplements his died by catching whatever rodents he can find, gobbling them tail and all.


Boo – the talkative Bombay cat

Author: breeder

My cat’s name is Boo, and he’s a Bombay (all black fur!). Initially my parents wanted to name him “Spooky”, but he slept with me the first night we got him, and after looking at him, I decided he was a “Boo” instead.

We got him from the animal shelter, and we chose him because he was quiet and adorable. He was sitting in the back of the cage while some other kittens were going crazy in the front.

He’s very, very social and talkative. Unlike most cats, he doesn’t dart under furniture or hide when people other than my family come over to the house. He’s kind of a scaredy cat, but very sweet and curious.

He’s got beautiful green eyes! An unusual quirk is that he likes to play with potatoes. My mom keeps a few on the bottom shelf of the pantry, and he always manages to dig some out and bat them around the kitchen floor.

He’s also a fan of TV. Whenever my mom and dad sit down to watch whatever shows they’ve recorded for the week, Boo parks himself right in front and sits on our Persian rug to enjoy himself.