Boo – the talkative Bombay cat

Author: breeder

My cat’s name is Boo, and he’s a Bombay (all black fur!). Initially my parents wanted to name him “Spooky”, but he slept with me the first night we got him, and after looking at him, I decided he was a “Boo” instead.

We got him from the animal shelter, and we chose him because he was quiet and adorable. He was sitting in the back of the cage while some other kittens were going crazy in the front.

He’s very, very social and talkative. Unlike most cats, he doesn’t dart under furniture or hide when people other than my family come over to the house. He’s kind of a scaredy cat, but very sweet and curious.

He’s got beautiful green eyes! An unusual quirk is that he likes to play with potatoes. My mom keeps a few on the bottom shelf of the pantry, and he always manages to dig some out and bat them around the kitchen floor.

He’s also a fan of TV. Whenever my mom and dad sit down to watch whatever shows they’ve recorded for the week, Boo parks himself right in front and sits on our Persian rug to enjoy himself.


Bombay Cats

Author: breeder

Bombay Cats

Bombay cats look like wild cats but actually they are very gentle, calm and affectionate breed. If you doubt whether to adopt dog or cat may be you will consider Bombay as perfect choice – these cats are doglike. You can play fetch with them even they can be leash trained. If you have other pets Bombays will very easily accept them. If you have many cats in you house hold, the Bombay cats expect to dominate. Bombay cat will be very good friend to your children and unforgettable companion.

Appearance The Bombay is black cat, from the tip of the nose to the bottoms of the feet. The fur is jet black to the roots, close laying and glossy. The body is muscular and long. Legs are exquisite and long. Head is rounded with widely set ears. Eyes can be copper or gold color.

Origins Bombays came as a result of breeding Black American Shorthairs with sable Burmese. The result is cat breed with shiny, sleek coat of Burmese and the rich black tones of the American Shorthair.

Health concernsBombay cats have huge appetite and their owners have to provide them with a lower calorie food or to monitor their daily food intake.