Turkish Van Cats

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Turkish Van Cats

Turkish Van cats are energetic, intelligent, soft voiced and affectionate breed. Also know as swimming cat, the Turkish Van is famous for her love of water. She will swim or just lie in the water – most unusual for a cat. Her fluffy, fox like tail is in perpetual motion.

Appearance The Turkish Van is a large, muscular cat, wide bodied and large boned. Like the Turkish Angora, the Van has long legs, but her feet are larger than her cousin’s. A broad, wedge shaped head support large, wide set ears. Van may have amber or blue eyes, or one of each.

The Van’s semi-long, silky coat is somewhat heavier than the Angora’s but is also not prone to matting. British and North American cat fanciers favor white Vans with colored markings on the head and a fully colored tail.

The colored areas may be red, cream, black, blue, tortoiseshell, calico, brown tabby or silver/smoke versions of all the above colors and patterns.

Origins In 1953, two British women vacationing in the lake Van region in eastern Turkey were given a pair of white kittens with auburn markings on their heads and tail. The women imported more of the cats and began a breeding program. The Turks considered a true Van cat to be all white with odd ayes. Turkish Van cats are rare in their native Turkey today.