My cat’s name is Jazzy. I call her many names other than Jazzy, such as, Jazzalynn and Jazzabella. Those are just some cute nicknames that I like to call her. Jazzy came into my life on Memorial Day, two years ago.

A co-worker of mine told me that he had some kittens he needed to find homes for because his house had recently burned down. Fortunately, the kittens were not harmed.

Of course, me being an animal lover, especially a cat lover, I decided to adopt one of the kittens. When I got her, she was so scared and very unsure of me. I decided to name her Jazzy because she had this spunky little attitude about her.

Jazzy has a very funny attitude. She gets very skittish at moments. For example, one night I was folding towels and Jazzy was checking out this towel that had shriveled a little bit from the wash.

She was checking it out and when I picked it up to fold and did a flip off of the bed. She also is very loving, especially in the mornings when it’s time for her breakfast or at night when it’s time for her dinner!

Jazzy is a calico and she is very beautiful. I love her different markings and her eyes are caramel shade. I must say that Jazzy is a wonderful pet and I am blessed that she came into my life.


A cat is the queen bee of the house

Author: breeder

This article is about the youngest of my three cats. She is a, a tiger/calico cat. She was discovered in an animal shelter in Wisconsin. There were lots of cats in cages but I was looking for a kitten. My Mother was looking at the cats when this particular cat reached out and touched her hand. She fell in love that was the one she wanted. I came back to look and see who had caught her attention.

To my surprise, there was a half grown cat with unusual markings. She reached out a paw, and I noticed huge aquamarine eyes, very expressive. She has a lovely face. What intrigued me besides her eyes though were her front legs. One leg is light gray and dark gray stripes, and the other is light orange and dark orange stripes. She immediately was named Pippi Longstocking.

She is the queen bee of the house. She perches on the birdhouse carpeted cat tree situated in the picture window facing the street. She has to survey her kingdom. She’s a fussy eater, much like Morris. She adores Fancy Feast for dry food and nibbles at certain wet food.

The queen-sized bed in the bedroom is hers, I am allowed to join her there at night. The other cats are sometimes allowed to get up there when she is there. She has a towel, feather toy and a shoelace at the foot of the bed which are hers. She prefers to sit in my lap when I am on the computer and curl up and take a nap as long as I am sitting still.

When someone comes into the house, if she does not know them, she fixes those huge eyes on them and starts working her magic. Before long they are petting her, admiring her soft fur and her markings and she has them totally charmed. She is the queen bee of the house.


Story about 3 cats

Author: breeder

I currently have 3 cats, all of which I rescued myself. All 3 have very unusual traits and features and are very intelligent. My oldest is Sassy, a 5 yr old calico. She was born a stray and living in a building that was going to be torn down. I chased her down, along with her 3 littermates.

She was so mean, I had to keep her in the bathtub and she would hiss and growl every time you came near the door so I nicknamed her “Miss Ferocious”. Eventually, she came to trust me but she still had an attitude, which is how she ended up “Sassy’. Now she is so loving and sweet, she evens shares my bed at night.

She hates to be cold and will meow pitifully until I put a blanket in my lap for her to cuddle down into. My middle cat is Alex, short for Alexander, he’s a Torbie. He was brought to me, abandoned just minutes after birth, weighing less than 3 oz.

I bottle-fed him and took him with me everywhere I went, even grocery shopping. When he was a couple of months old, I left for vacation for a week and had a friend taking care of him & Sassy.

When I returned, he had chewed off most of his tail because of separation anxiety, according to the vet. Alex is now a bob-tailed 2 yr old weighing in at almost 10 lbs. He plays fetch for me and walks on a leash, much like a dog. His favorite place when he is scared, is sitting on my shoulders.

My baby is Tipper, he’s only 2 months old. I saw him with a litter of strays while out working one day. Something about him made me feel I had to bring him home. He was almost starved and had something wrong with his left eye. He recently had it removed to prevent developing infections so is now one-eyed.

But because of the pattern of his fur, it prevents most people from noticing his left eye is missing. I have had him about 6 weeks and he has almost tripled his weight and is closer to the correct size for a kitten of his age. Tipper has developed a penchant for stealing my clothes from the hamper so he can sleep on top of them.


Two baby cats joined our family

Author: breeder

It has been over 17 years now when two new cat babies joined our family. I was working late one evening at the bank and my children called to say they say someone throw a box of kittens out of a car on their way home from school.

They had been wanting a kitten for a long time. Actually my daughter was saving up to purchase a Siamese kitten. I told them to wait until their father came home, and then if he agreed they could go and get one of the kittens. This is always a good ploy since now the ball is in Dad’s court.

It was November and cold and rainy. My husband went with the kids to where they saw the incident. When he opened the car door the littlest one kitten jumped right into the car.

The other two kittens he had to chase up the hill to get them.

As he said, “How can you walk away and leave them out there.” We kept two of the three kittens.

The tiny one actually was very Siamese like – she talked back, was extremely friendly and loved everyone. We named her Wicket after the Starwars Wickets. The second one we named Abby. She was a beautiful Calico.

The third one was a pretty gray kitten and I gave her to a coworker. We had those cats until they passed away. They were a wonderful addition to our family. I hope the person who threw them away like trash had a lot of guilty sleepless nights wondering about them.