One of the cleanest and most domesticated animals you can raise at home is a cat. Like any other pets, cat health concerns are something you should pay attention to. With proper care and application of healthy tips, surely you can extend your cat pet’s life. 

Even though most of the cats are independent and strong in nature, they still need help from their owner to stay healthy, clean and fit. It is very important to maintain good hygienic order of your pet to keep them away from sickness and health issues. Here are some effective ways you can implement to raise your cat healthy and keep cat health issues away from you and your cat:

1.) Exercise – this is the best way to keep your cat healthy. Provide your cat some toys and proper cat scratching post or something like rolled up sock or small ball to roll around. This will keep your pet amused, especially if they are just staying indoors.

2.) Food – although they are just considered pet, cats should be given proper food. It is always good to give them access to fresh water and nutritious food. Cats love to eat canned foods than dry ones. Avoid feeding your cat with foods that will cause them to gain skin diseases or allergies.

3.)  View and access – pet cats, especially those who are staying indoors love to look out the windows and watch what’s outside. Clear some spot or make a small platform in front of your cat’s favorite window for them to stay in and have easy access to the view outside.

4.) Safe environment – cat’s health is not just all about proper feeding, but also clean and harmless environment. Safely store away any toxic materials that may harm your cat or other pets. Keep table scraps to a minimum and pay attention to indoor plants that you may have put inside the house – some may be poisonous to cats.

5.) Medication – to maintain good health, your cat needs other medication support like vaccinations because even a healthy cat may get sick. Also, have your cats checked by the vet to ensure that they are in good condition.

6.) Apparels – your cat must have litter, a litter box, food dish and water dish which should be regularly cleaned-up. Although they stay inside, provide your cat an ID collar, just in case your cat gets lost.

7.) Brushing – it’s not necessary to bathe your cat often.  You can brush the coat of your cat at least once a day to keep your pet clean. It will also reduce the risk of hairballs and keep their coat nice. 
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There are still more tips on how to raise your cat healthy. It’s a good practice to apply such effective guidelines in order to keep your pet more appealing not only to you but also for others who might come across your pet. Pictures of cats may be taken by your guests and it is such a shame if others notice that you have cat health concerns. So keep them attractive with these easy to follow health tips.

Having a new kitten in the house is exciting, fun, as well as challenging especially for first time pet cat parents. Just like welcoming a new baby, it is necessary that you prepare cat products for your pet even by just starting with only the basic ones.

While still thinking of the other supplies to acquire from your favorite pet shop, you should take note that the most essential supply to look for and prioritize is the cat food. Quality and appropriate food will help your cat grow well without cat health issues. With only just a couple of weeks, you may already start buying things for your cat.

To help you decide what to shop for, here is a list of cat products that your cat will surely need:

1.) Litter tray scoop – this will mainly help you remove solids easily.

2.) Cat Tree or Scratching Post – because cats naturally scratch, you should provide a scratching post. This will ensure that your cat will not use your furniture or carpet as scratch post.

3.) Bowls for water and food – there are many options wherein you can choose from when you buy food and water bowls. Such bowls comes in plastic, metal, pottery, and automatic ones and even available with drinking fountains. The pottery type of bowl is sturdy, with lesser chances of breaking. It is also microwaveable in case you need your cat food warmed before meal time.

4.) Cat carrier – this is more useful particularly if you travel a lot and want to bring your cat with you. Also, it is convenient to use when you need to visit a vet.

5.) Cat Toys – to keep your cat lively and alert, you should provide toys like the interactive ones, toy mice and other appropriate toys for your cat.

6.) Cat Bed – you should give your cat a comfortable resting place. The cat beds in the market are of different styles and forms. Some are relatively plain and some are so fancy, just try to consider the quality if you buy one. If you are short of funds, you can create the cat bed. A cardboard box and a soft blanket will do. That way, you can exercise your creativity with your own unique design and style.

7.) Cat Book – If you are new to cat raising, this cat product can be of great contribution. You will be able to know important guidelines and facts about growing a cat. It is really helpful to grab one such as general cat health book to learn and have further idea to nurture your pet.

8.) Worming and Flea – Control Products – this product in particular is essential to keep your cat pet away from attack of parasites. It is better that you ask recommendation from your veterinarian about what particular brand or product to use. Some of the excellent products on the market these days can easily be applied to the back of the neck once a month. Gone are those messy pastes and tablets for worming and controlling the flea of your pet.

Cute Cat Waiting for Cat Products Bought from Pet ShopsMore cat products are not yet mentioned here. There are several supplies that you should get familiar with if you want to provide your cat all of its needed apparels. You can make use some pictures of cats with corresponding products on it, which are provided on the Internet so you can have an overview of how the products look like.