2008 Dog and Cat Calendars

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2008 Dog and Cat Calendars

Dog and Cat calendars – dandy dogs and cuddly cats romp and play together in this delightful wall calendars. Make your year smiley and funny these exited little puppies.

What Cats Teach Us 2008 Wall Calendar

Twisted Whiskers 2008 Wall Calendar

Best of Friends 2008 Wall Calendar

Kittens & Puppies 2008 Mini Wall Calendar

Cats & Dogs 2008 Wall Calendar

Twisted Whiskers 2008 Mini Wall Calendar

Buddies 2008 Wall Calendar

Paw Pals 2008 Wall Calendar

Mom’s Plan-It 2008 Magnetic Mount Wall Calendar

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Dog and Cat Calendars are good present if:

  • You want to remind somebody for your love. Every day from the year this person will remember you when looks at the calendar.
  • You go to a party, want to take a present, something not expensive, cute and you can’t remember what animal loves the host of the party.
  • Women love small animals, melt their hearts with this cool, low budget present.
  • You want to have on the wall something that brings good mood every time you look at it.
  • Kids adore puppies, if you want to make them happy, just give them and watch their emotions :).

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