Do you like La Perm Cat?

Author: breeder

Do you like La Perm Cat?

La Perm cats, which owe her curly coats-or perms-to a naturally occurring mutation, are outgoing, affectionate, and inquisitive. Unless they’re trying to get your attention, they tend to have quiet voices.

Appearance Medium-size, curly-coated cats, La Perms have rounded heads with prominent, round muzzles and full whisker pads. The wide¬set ears are also rounded and the eyes are large and almond-shaped.

La Perm cat displays a great diversity in hair length and fullness. Both short- and longhaired varieties have soft, curly coats; the hair is curliest at the base of the ears, and the whiskers may also curl. Longer-haired cats have ringlets of curls over the entire body, accented by a long, curly, plumed tail; they develop a neck ruff at maturity.

Shorthaired varieties have more of a permanent wave; the hair is not long enough to form ringlets. All colors and patterns are represented.

Origins One kitten in a litter of Oregon barn cats was born hairless. The odd-looking kitten survived and grew a coat of curly hair. Curly, the aptly named tabby female, became the foundation female of this new breed. Baldness still occurs in some kittens, and is reported by breeders to occur most commonly during infancy or in females prior to their first heat. Some kittens born with straight hair shed their coat, which is later replaced by the unique curly coat.