A touching story about lovable cat

Author: breeder

I find cats very interesting pets to me. The way they cuddle their furry bodies, heads and even tails to my legs. They exude a unique fascinating character and comfortable peculiarity of being an adorable pet.

I have this very interesting experience with a pet cat I loved few years back in a place where I used to live. Actually, this is a strayed cat from a neighbor. It is unusual to have a pet transferring from one house to another but this one I observed ever since I temporarily stayed in that neighborhood, this lovely cat with fine gray colored fur would actually jump on my open window and tuck snuggling herself beside me during night time when I am sound asleep.

I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night patting her and whispering loving words to her, welcoming her to my side. I called her my girlfriend’s name Joanna because I imagine she would be there sleeping with me and watching over me that reminds me of my sweet memories with my girlfriend when we have our intimate moments together cuddling and embracing each other.

This cat is very gorgeous and lovely because she seems to be sweet and cuddly. She would always follow me wherever I go and snuggle its mushy fur on my skin. This pussy cat displays a character of an extremely loving type which I do not find in any other cats I had.

But one day I was moving out of the place for this was just a temporary stay, I was looking for her thinking I could bring her with me but I thought it is very impossible because somebody really own this adorable cat.

So, I was just peeping on my window to look after her and just bid my last goodbye at least. As I was packing up my things and carry my luggage to the truck, I was still looking behind with my eyes searching all over the place hoping I might catch a glance and give her my last hug.

But to my dismay I get on the car and driving away from that place lonesome just reminiscing the happy memories I’ve had with her. While I was driving my way out of the neighborhood, I heard the person at the back seat of my truck, shouting and yelling at me at the top of his voice, “The cat! The cat! She’s following us and running after the truck!”

My eyes were filled with tears and overflowing my cheeks because I can feel the sadness and the longing of that cat struggling her way out running desperately after me where I will be heading. I cannot stop and look back or pick her up because she is not really mine and she belongs to someone else.

My cat’s name is Winky. I named him Winky because he winks a lot. I got him when he was just about 6 weeks old. My cousin found him living in a campground and she brought him home and gave him to me for my birthday.

He was full of fleas, ear mites, worms, etc. You name it, he had it. But as soon as I got him I took care of him, took him to the vet, and he was all better. He is black and gray with crazy stripes.

The vet said he had very unique stripes. He was full of energy and loved to play and chase things. He liked to lay on is back on my legs while I rubbed his tummy. Sometimes he acts like a dog, because if you throw a bouncy ball, he would chase after it and bring it back in his mouth.

He would eat funny foods like peas, oranges, and other people food. He is about 6 years old now. He is huge now, very long and wide, but not really fat, he is just built big. Now that he is older he is lazy, but is very needy for attention.

He likes to go outside, but when as soon as he gets out the door he rolls around on the concrete. When other cats come around he gets scared and starts hissing like any other normal cat.

When I brought home another cat he hid on top of the refrigerator until he felt comfortable enough with the other cat. Now they get along fine and chase each other all day long. He loves to be combed.

He is a very lovable cat and loves to sleep with me every night. He lets you know when is food or water bowl is empty. If he hears the back of cat treats or hears a can of food being opened, no matter how far away he is, he comes running in and meows because he knows its coming. I love my cat.


Stirfry – the cat in playful mode

Author: breeder

Yes I love cats. One evening I came home for lunch and my husband at the time was laying on the bed and I heard a little meow coming from the pillow and I looked and saw a tiny little kitten laying there looking up at me.

I picked him up and snuggled him and asked my husband where did you get him? He replied he got him from a male friend of his that took in the mother cat and her kittens and he was giving away the kittens. I proceeded to ask what should we name him and my husband replied “Stirfry”. I thought that was a very cute name.

He grew up to be a big lovable cat that had his own personality. When he wanted to be loved he would come over to you and love up on you. If you wanted to pick him up and he wasn’t ready to be picked up he would dart away.

Stirfry loved to sleep on the bed laying curled up in a ball and then rolling on his back to sleep. He would sleep in funny positions. One thing he liked to do is hop up on the banister and use the banister post as his scratching post, but had no claws. My husband decided to step up to the banister and try to hand pop

Stirfry in a playful mode and Stirfry was going to pop his hand back so they started boxing. My husband said I’m playing box a kitty. Stirfry loved to sleep next to my husband at that time and when Stirfry wanted out of the room he would stand on the bed and try to paw at the door handle to get the door open and my husband would open the door and then close it.

When Stirfry wanted back into the room, he would put his paw underneath the door and giggle it until it opened or it was opened by my husband. Other times we would be sitting in the den watching TV and Stirfry would be in the kitchen eating a little bit and then he would run so fast out of the kitchen into the den and then into the dining room and then slide right into the doorframe trying to get back into the kitchen. It was so funny watching him does that.

We had four dogs and they would love to chase Stirfry around the house and mess with him until he popped them and told them he had enough.