Munchkin Cats

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Munchkin Cats

Munchkin cats – this controversial short legged breed is friendly, confident, talkative, and intelligent, with a wonderful sense of humor. Munchkins are extremely easy going and so make great companions for children.

Short legs apparently don’t handicap Munchkins, which can run with considerable speed and climb trees – although their jump ability is limited. Countertops may be beyond their reach, but some owners may consider this an asset. They are able to groom themselves and can stretch with hindlegs to scratch behind their ears.

Appearance Apart its shortened limbs, Munchkin resembles a domestic long or shorthaired cat. All patterns and coat colors are acceptable.

Origins The Munchkin breed descends from a stray cat with unusually short legs. Since cat fanciers got their first glimpse of this dwarfish feline at a show at New York’s Madison Square Garden in 1991, the breed has created quite a stir and its acceptance is not unanimous.

The Munchkin’s shortened legs are caused by a spontaneous dominant mutation that has appeared before – in England in 1930s and in Russian in the 1950s. Munchkin cats are still a breed in progress. Most major breed associations do not recognize them for competition.