Persian Cats for Sale

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persiandreamcatchers.com Here they have at least 5 Persian cats for sale at any time. This cattery has 9 Persian mother cats and 4 fathers.

persiankittens.org This is nice cattery. Prices vary according to

Silver Persians
Chinchilla: $ 1,000 – $ 1,500
Shaded: $ 1,000 – $ 1,200

White Persians (Blue, Green,Odd Eyes and Copper Eyes)
$ 1,000 – $ 1,800

Shell Cameos
$1,000- $ 1,300

purrassnowpersians.com – lots of Persian kittens for sale, prices $400 as a pet, $500 with Breeding Rights.

moppetlandpersians.com – they have good explanation what pure Persian breed means and how to deal with not good Persian catteries. Persian kittens for sale $900.

crystalpurrs.com – A CFA Registered Cattery. They do not sell kittens with breeding rights. Price for a pet $800-$900.

cozykittens.com – 20 years of breeding the traditional Doll-Face
Persians and Himalayans.

baybrookecats.com – The cattery has 4 male Persians and 8 Persian mothers.

muffhymscattery.com – Persian kittens from $800. Some od Persian cats for sale have breeding rights.

puffypersiankittens.com – Doll and flat faced varieties.

Silver Persian kitten - Beauty

Silver Persian kitten - Beauty


Joey the Persian cat

Author: breeder

Joey, or Sir Joseph To You. I have two cats that I rescued, but I shall talk about Joey today. I had lost one rescue cat to a coyote and opted to never let any of my cats out again. I wanted to give another cat a good home and decided my best bet was to call an animal shelter. There was one in my same town, so I called them to set up an appointment.

I was hopefully looking for a purebred, but it wasn’t a total requirement on my part. At the shelter I was introduced to two new cats that had just come in. They were Persian half brothers, Manny and Joey. They had been found by a dumpster a few towns over in cages with their pedigree papers and even their vet check ups. They were a mess when they were rescued. The mats had been incredible, so they were shaved as much as possible.

They were also covered in excrement because they must have been by the dumpsters stuck in their tote bags for a few days. Because the papers were put with the totes, they called the last known owner and she was horrified. Because of traveling, she had given the cats to an elderly lady and thought all was well. No one knows how they ended up miles and miles away by a dumpster.

The shelter really wanted to keep the half brothers together. I had to think that one over as I had one rescue cat at home and felt three would be a bit much. I also was reluctant on Manny because he was on a special diet for urinary infections. I gave in to their request. Now the one rescue cat I had at home hated the intrusion. She would hiss and snarl at them. Joey would just sit on the floor and look at her, then me, back to the cat with this look of, “What’s the problem here?” “I’m a Persian. Why don’t you like me?”

The other cat, Manny, ended up having major health issues and was put down. I believe this is why they both were dumped. Joey always has this air of calm no matter what goes on, the total opposite from my other rescue cat, Tigger. He loves everybody who comes here and just saunters up to them with this look of “Hi. I’m a Persian. You can pat me.”

He always gives slow blinks that make me laugh. He sticks his nose in my ear and blows softly in it. Sometimes I have to close him out of my room because he insists on sleeping on my head. I have to sleep, too. In the winter he loves to crawl under the covers and sleep by my feet. I have no idea how he manages to breathe because they have such tiny nostrils.

To this day he simply tolerates the other rescue cat even if she whacks him one. He just sits there and has this wonderful attitude of tolerance. His attitude is one of, “I don’t get it. I’m a Persian. Everyone is supposed to love me.” He’s an absolute delight. And the other one….she always seems shocked that her aggressiveness doesn’t scare him away.