My Boo Boo cat

Author: breeder

MY GIRL Well, My girl isn’t really my girl! My cat’s name is Boo Boo I don’t know how she got the name. I do know that since my roommate and I have lived together that Boo boo and I have a bond. She has slept on top of me since the second day we have all lived together. She always makes me laugh. I do know that boo boo is 16 years old and feisty!

The week before thanksgiving we bought everything we needed for our celebration including the pan you put the turkey in. After we brought everything upstairs we could not find the pan! Boo boo had moved the pan and was laying in it with her head hanging out sleeping! It was the funniest thing I have ever seen a cat do!

On thanksgiving we cooked the turkey and all the fixings. As we sat down to eat Boo boo sat at the window next to the table like we needed to fix her plate! That night we left the oven door open to help heat the house (live in a cold climate) after a little while we see her laying inside the oven like it’s a hiding place!

Boo boo is always making me laugh. She lays in the strangest things. One day I came home too find her laying in a water bottle box they type with the plastic that goes over individual water bottles. I’m always finding her in a box of some sort or in a dresser drawer! She still acts like a kitten!

I love it! Right now she is laying on my lap purring like there is no tomorrow. Now that tomorrow is the last day we will be living together I relize that maybe our bond is that strong that we will still feel each others love even though were apart. I will miss her dearly…

My cat .. my sweet, lovable, funny and beautiful cat. Sassy Cassy Cassafrass, better know as Cassy, is the best cat I have ever been owned by. She is a calico with auburn spots across her body.

Cassy has a beautiful white ruff and four small white dainty feet. When she is lying on the bed she reminds me of the fall leaves on the ground in the fall. When Cassy was a kitten she was wild and unpredictable. She would wildly run up and down the hallway or jump into a chair and run in circles on the seat back. Up to this time, I didn’t think gravity would allow you to run on the back of a chair.

When Cassy walks (rarely) she is dainty and aware that we are all watching her lady like manner. Occaisionally, she condescends to turn and look at us. But all cats are like that. One does not just go up to Cassy and pet her.

She is very ritualized in her affections. Being on the computer triggers a reaction. She slowly climbs onto my keyboard, purring and rubbing her forehead on my arm. She also somehow knows just when I am waking up. At that precise moment, a fuzzy and soft cat head is making sure I am awake by rubbing against my face.

There is a small space between my husband’s pillow and mine. This is sacred territory and belongs to Cassy alone. There are three other cats who share Cassy’s space, along with two dogs. While each animal has it’s own personality, Cassy delights in running circles around the dogs. She teases them until they get up and chase her. She immediately jumps onto the end table and out of reach. The dogs have yet to catch onto her scheming. Several years ago, my cat, Jesse, was lost to me due to cancer.

That very day, Cassy became my own. Our vet, takes in kittens and makes sure they get a good home and are neutered. Cassy was tiny, only 5 lbs and nine inches long. But she had the most beautiful big ears and big shiny eyes. With the white ruff around that lovely face, I could not resist.

While the sadness of losing Jesse will always be there, Cassy has more than filled the large hole left. Sometimes, I just sit and watch her sleeping. For a cat that is so rambunctious, she is also very lady like. She drapes herself on the bed and will casually raise her head when you pet her. I love my Cassie.