Medical Reasons for a Cat’s Licking

Author: breeder

Why do we sometimes capture pictures of licking cats? In the first place, why do cats lick themselves? Cats developed the habit of licking to be clean, to get rid of fleas, to stay cool, to absorb Vitamin D and to release their stress. If a cat is licking excessively and is causing a health problem, you may need to take kitty to a veterinarian the soonest.

Several medical reasons for a cat’s licking:

• It could be a neuropathy problem – wherein the nerve is receiving a signal from the brain which tells the cat to lick.
• It could be a brain perception disorder – what is known as encephalitis, or a soft tissue or bone inflammation problem, or an allergic disease.
• It could be a symptom of a disease such as feline leukemia – this is when cats become anemic and lick odd things such as window panes, walls, or cement walks
• It is a sign that they are infested with cat parasites such as fleas – you need to bathe cats occasionally. Use a flea shampoo to kill fleas and remove dander that can cause human allergies.
• It could also be an allergic reaction – especially when they can inhale lots of allergens. It has been estimated that thirty five percent of all cats suffer from food allergies. Read the rest of this entry »


Story about 3 cats

Author: breeder

I currently have 3 cats, all of which I rescued myself. All 3 have very unusual traits and features and are very intelligent. My oldest is Sassy, a 5 yr old calico. She was born a stray and living in a building that was going to be torn down. I chased her down, along with her 3 littermates.

She was so mean, I had to keep her in the bathtub and she would hiss and growl every time you came near the door so I nicknamed her “Miss Ferocious”. Eventually, she came to trust me but she still had an attitude, which is how she ended up “Sassy’. Now she is so loving and sweet, she evens shares my bed at night.

She hates to be cold and will meow pitifully until I put a blanket in my lap for her to cuddle down into. My middle cat is Alex, short for Alexander, he’s a Torbie. He was brought to me, abandoned just minutes after birth, weighing less than 3 oz.

I bottle-fed him and took him with me everywhere I went, even grocery shopping. When he was a couple of months old, I left for vacation for a week and had a friend taking care of him & Sassy.

When I returned, he had chewed off most of his tail because of separation anxiety, according to the vet. Alex is now a bob-tailed 2 yr old weighing in at almost 10 lbs. He plays fetch for me and walks on a leash, much like a dog. His favorite place when he is scared, is sitting on my shoulders.

My baby is Tipper, he’s only 2 months old. I saw him with a litter of strays while out working one day. Something about him made me feel I had to bring him home. He was almost starved and had something wrong with his left eye. He recently had it removed to prevent developing infections so is now one-eyed.

But because of the pattern of his fur, it prevents most people from noticing his left eye is missing. I have had him about 6 weeks and he has almost tripled his weight and is closer to the correct size for a kitten of his age. Tipper has developed a penchant for stealing my clothes from the hamper so he can sleep on top of them.