I had a cat 20 years ago who was a Siamese named Timmy. He lived a long and happy life and died at age 19. It broke my heart when he died and I went 11 years without having a pet.

Finally, I decided I needed and wanted another cat. I wasn’t sure about what kind I wanted, so I made a trip down to the Lake County Humane Society. There were a lot of nice cats there but none really tugged at my heartstrings. I kept going weekly for around a month.

The day I found my sweet baby is a day I’ll never forget. When I walked in I heard loud cater walling – and I couldn’t mistake that Siamese sound. There she was agitated because she was locked up in a cage.

As soon as the lady let her out and put her in my arms she started purring. I took her home and named her “Merlot” after my favorite wine. Merlot is now 9 years old. She is the smartest cat I’ve ever seen. Her hearing is exceptional-she can hear you open the drawer and get a fork out.

She loves it when I sing to her any old song will do, as long as I’m carrying her around. She brings her favorite cat toy (a mouse) and drops it at your feet so that you’ll throw it. Sometimes I think she’s more dog that cat.

Whenever I lock her out of the bedroom she walks around singing loudly strange sounds, not meows that get louder and louder until I open the door. She’s also very beautiful, as all Siamese cats are.

I read somewhere that Siamese cats are high maintenance and don’t like to be alone. I wouldn’t classify her as high maintenance, but she does love lots and lots of attention and she especially likes to sit on your lap and purr.

I’m so glad that she found her way into my life. I don’t know what I’d do without her. Sorry, I don’t see anyplace on here to upload a picture.


I think the cat thought she was a dog

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I would say Emma was a very intelligent cat with an adorable personality and shiny short brown fur.
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I loved my cat, Emma. A few years ago I went to a special Siamese cattery to look for the perfect Siamese kitten. I found several beauties, but a silly all brown cat from the Siamese family, kept jumping up and following me around as I was on my search.

Finally I decided to notice her and talked to her and she responded with such love and meowing and purring, and of course rubbing herself up against me at every chance she could get, that how could I not fall in love.

So instead of the kitten, yes, you got it! I decided on Emma. She was the most perfect cat I had ever owned. If you threw a wad of paper she would run and fetch it and bring it back to me and dropped it back on my lap.

I think she thought she was a dog. Speaking of dog, I had a big white boxer at the time and Emma warmed up to her the minute they met. Her name was Sophy, and Sophy was cautious at first and didn’t know what to make of Emma, but as the days went by, they soon became best friends.

In fact Emma would curl up on a sleeping Sophy who was also curled up on the floor too! I would say Emma was a very intelligent cat with an adorable personality and shiny short brown fur. I loved her very much. Emma stayed with us for 9 years before passing on, but she will always remain in my heart. I doubt I’ll ever find another cat quite like Emma.


Two baby cats joined our family

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It has been over 17 years now when two new cat babies joined our family. I was working late one evening at the bank and my children called to say they say someone throw a box of kittens out of a car on their way home from school.

They had been wanting a kitten for a long time. Actually my daughter was saving up to purchase a Siamese kitten. I told them to wait until their father came home, and then if he agreed they could go and get one of the kittens. This is always a good ploy since now the ball is in Dad’s court.

It was November and cold and rainy. My husband went with the kids to where they saw the incident. When he opened the car door the littlest one kitten jumped right into the car.

The other two kittens he had to chase up the hill to get them.

As he said, “How can you walk away and leave them out there.” We kept two of the three kittens.

The tiny one actually was very Siamese like – she talked back, was extremely friendly and loved everyone. We named her Wicket after the Starwars Wickets. The second one we named Abby. She was a beautiful Calico.

The third one was a pretty gray kitten and I gave her to a coworker. We had those cats until they passed away. They were a wonderful addition to our family. I hope the person who threw them away like trash had a lot of guilty sleepless nights wondering about them.


Pictures of Siamese Cats

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Pictures of Siamese Cats

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