Snowshoe Cats

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Snowshoe Cats

Snowshoe cats possess the unflappable, easygoing temperament of her American Shorthair forebears, making her a fine companion for children or other pets. Affectionate and people oriented, the Snowshoe is an amiable and loving friend. Although not as vocal as a Siamese, the Snowshoe can be quite a talker, albeit with a softer, more melodic voice.

Appearance A medium size cat, the Snowshoe combines the stocky, robust appearance of the American Shorthair with the length of Siamese. The pleasing result is powerful, agile cat of intermediate body type. The head is a rounded wedge shape; the eyes are oval and bright blue and the ears are medium size with slightly rounded tips.

Snowshoe cats are shorthaired cats with a pointed coat pattern, white markings on the feet (for which the breed is named) and an inverted white “V” on the face, which begins in the middle of the forehead and descends to the muzzle. These cats come in two color combinations: seal point and white, and blue point and white.

Origins Philadelphia breeder Dorothy Hinds-Daugherty developed this breed in the 1960s by crossing a Siamese with bicolor American Shorthair. Breeder Vikki Olander saw the breed’s potential, wrote the first breed standard and persevered until the new Snowshoe was accepted for registration in 1974.