I was in the bottom of a deep depression when a coworker mentioned her cat had had kittens. She asked if I would like one and I told her yes however she lived out in the country so she would have to drive the kitten in to town before work the following week.

She was planning a trip that week as well. When she went out to her garage the kittens had been moved by their mother and the coworker could not find them. After returning from her trip she found there had been raccoons in her garage.

We prayed the raccoons did not get to the kittens and were very happy when she found the mama cat and her liter. I was finally able to see a picture of the kittens so I could pick out which one I wanted.

My coworker then found out she was pregnant. Since her and her husband had miscarried before they were very cautious about everything and she did not want to bring the cat into town. She was going to have her husband bring the kitten to me.

When he was able to finally bring me the new litter kitten it was almost a month later. The kitten was 7 weeks old and cute as could be. He was just a little handful of fuzz. I brought him home to my family and we began to litter train it.

We had to go to the store and pick out all the necessities. He would need a liter box and a dish. We got kitten first foods and a container to keep it fresh. The kitten seemed pleased with all his new things but most of all he loved his new toys.

He had a string and a ball with a bell in it. I bought him a kitty hunt that has places for him to lay at different heights and peak out through the holes at me. He may have to grow into that. He tried so hard to get into the higher level.

He jumps and you can see him spring up and then hear his claws scraping desperately at the fabric trying to get his butt up over the edge of the landing.

We did not know what to name him so in the mean time we kept calling him “Tiger.” The name stuck. He is a gray striped tabby cat. I had called him Tiger originally because of the way he pounced at his toys on the floor and stalked my feet under my blankets.

He could tumble and roll for hours with just a string. He would hop over it with his arms stretched wide and crash down into a roll kicking the string high into the air and then racing to his feet to bat it with his paws again.

Since he was striped it seemed to fit his appearance also. He is very playful and spunky. He still has sharp little kitty claws. They are most noticeable when he tried climbing up my legs after I return home. He loves to be held and will sit perched on my shoulder most the day. Since he has moved in he has brought a smile to my face.

My depression has gotten better and I have started to get more done around the house again. It is amazing the effect of little kitten that loves you can have. I take Tiger every where I go in the pocket of my sweatshirt. He seems to enjoy the covert mission to get through the store unnoticed.

If people do notice him however, they smile. It seems to be contagious. He doesn’t seem to mind the car ride either. Some cats will freak out if they are in a vehicle but Tiger just sits in my pocket and doesn’t seem to mind at all.

He also likes to sit on my back and play with my pony tail while I am reading a book on my bed. It’s hard to concentrate when he makes me laugh, but I don’t mind the interruption.

When I am sitting at my desk typing, he loves to catch my finger as they press different keys. I can’t be mad at him though because he is so curious and cute.


Rocco is a little beige tabby cat

Author: breeder

I have many cats, both barn cats and house cats, most of which would be considered senior citizens. There is also a feral cat that comes to our barn to have her kittens, we always have cat food available in the barn.

This summer the feral mom left her kittens in the barn as usual. Of course they wouldn’t come near me, except one who acted as if he had known me all his life. Every time I would enter the barn to feed the horses and the cats, he would come running. He would let me pick him up. The other kittens would scatter.

After a couple of weeks of this, I decided that this kitty didn’t want to be a barn cat, so I scooped him up and introduced him to life as a house cat. It’s been a long time since I had one on one time with a kitten. I am enjoying him immensely.

He plays with my feet when I go to bed. He’s going to catch them, boy oh boy. He’s got them. I kept saying that he would rock and roll on my feet, so now his name is Rocco. He’s a little beige tabby with very light green eyes and BIG ears.

Usually when I wake up in the morning, he’s stretched out beside me on his back with his front legs over his head. He’s so relaxed. Then of course he’s off and running again. This little guy picked me knowing he would have a very different life than his siblings and he’s taking advantage of every minute of it.

He’s a little guy with a huge purr motor and I’m sure he’s going to grow up to be Mr. Personality.


Story about yellow tabby cat

Author: breeder

Bubba is a happy, animated, stray cat I took in a year and a half ago with a mix of white and yellow tabby allover. He has a cute spot of yellow tabby on his shoulder and another splotch on his lower chin.

I knew he was a keeper the day I picked him up out of a client’s yard. He had strayed in because of other cats in the home and hung around with a big wound on his head. While I sat with him wrapped in my coat at the Vet’s office, instead of struggling or whining, he started to purr and didn’t flinch while the vet checked him out.

The first night at home, he rubbed my jaw with his and started to purr and he’s been a vocal bundle of energy ever since. With the summer weather, he constantly wants to be out in our fenced yard.

However, he also wants you to be out with him, and if you stay inside, he keeps coming to the door and calls for you with little chirps and mews. His favorite thing is to sit in your lap for a nice chin scratch while sitting on the steps outside. It’s a far cry from his life as a stray.