My husband has never liked cats. When we suddenly had a mouse problem, I talked him into getting a cat for our house. He turned to Freecycle and Craigslist. It was almost like it was meant to happen.

My husband found a woman who was having to give away her husband’s cat because their little girl had developed allergies.

When she bought him to our house, he was scared and extremely nervous. My husband was afraid he had made a mistake.

After Jax warmed up to us, he made himself right at home. He is an overweight lap kitty. He would rather be next to someone or in their lap than anywhere else. He is a fat kitty. He wheezes when he purrs, grunts while he sleeps, and when he gets excited he drools everywhere. He is a silly character.

His favorite past time is sitting in the chair underneath our dinning room table. There he waits for our dogs to walk by to eat, drink, or go outside. When they pass he will hit them on their heads.

He loves teasing my 10 month old son to play. He will walk by and drag his tail across my son, knowing he will want to play. At the end of the night, after everyone is asleep, he will jump in my lap and wheeze/purr until bedtime.

When I was pregnant he refused to sit anywhere unless I was within arms length. He would follow me anywhere I went. He is a silly kitty and at times acts more like a dog than a cat.

He comes running when you call his name (or his nickname, Fat Fat). Every morning he is up crying for food as soon as anyone gets up. He has to sleep in between my husband and myself, well until our baby comes to our bed. He will make room for him.

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