Mr. Pookie was rescued from a shelter but I really feel he rescued me. My son and I picked him out just before we moved to our new home. I was leaving the only town I had ever lived in for 45 years and I wasn’t sure what the future held for my son, Mr. Pookie and me.

Never thought I would get divorced after 2 years of marriage and that I would become a cat person! My son wanted Mr. Pookie so bad but as with all wants, it turned into a cat that I have taken care of and fallen head over heels for.

My companion when my son’s at school, my alarm clock every morning at 6:00.(can’t believe you wrote that- on the dot at 6:00! Even on Saturday and Sunday! If only he would learn to sleep in!

My entrainment when I’m blue, Mr.Pookie has filled emptiness in me. He is funny and to this day a little in the nervous side. I will never know what he went through before he became mine but I know he will always feel love and security from me.

He is one of the family, a happy family who is thankful for a cat’s unselfish love.

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