You may think that only people are keen to the clicks and flickers of a camera. People have the capability to pose and project in front of this wonderful technology capable of freezing and preserving beautiful moments of different types of individuals. But you will be amazed at how pictures of kittens and cats reveal their capability to make different faces as well as poses. And pet owners and photography enthusiasts can capture these best during their unguarded pet moments.

While you were sleeping. This is not just your famous movie title but while your cat is sleeping is one of the best ways to capture precious pictures. Cats have the capability to sleep in whatever position and location. They can even sleep on their backs with their claws held up high. Who wouldn’t want to take such pictures of cats. But they can also sleep on their side.

What is general about cats is that they can sleep in short stretches of time. Humans would definitely hate such moments of sleeping but cats can endure such. They are even easily awaked by the slightest of sounds in the area where they are napping. So keep your noise at the minimum because cats would also need some sleep.

Always remember that their sleep is one of the precious basis of their freedom. They will certainly hate to be awakened intentionally for no specific purpose. So keep off while they are sleeping.

Where the tails point. Another nice subject to take on for photography is how they manage their tails. You may not believe it but the way they carry it can tell you several things about your cat. When your cat wears his tail high and strong, he tells you he is contented and happy. It also means his wearing his pride up high wagging his tails as he wags his conceit.

If you see his tails extended straight, your cat is definitely into something. It is a sure sign of his sneaking pursuit. But if it is all curled up around his body, he sure is afraid and concerned of something. A pat, a little petting and some tender cuddling will surely be appreciated and can even be reciprocated.

He is sure angry if he wags his tail from side to side. Do not take this for nothing since cats actually mean business. They can scratch and hurt you if you go beyond his limits. So thrust the signs that his tails tell you.

This discussion may have focused on only two aspects of cats but the inputs are picture perfect moments you should not miss. Pictures of kittens and cats can be so pleasing especially to cat lovers and photography aficionado. So keep on clicking that button and catch your cat while he is sleeping or while he wears his moods on his tails.

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