Why do we sometimes capture pictures of licking cats? In the first place, why do cats lick themselves? Cats developed the habit of licking to be clean, to get rid of fleas, to stay cool, to absorb Vitamin D and to release their stress. If a cat is licking excessively and is causing a health problem, you may need to take kitty to a veterinarian the soonest.

Several medical reasons for a cat’s licking:

• It could be a neuropathy problem – wherein the nerve is receiving a signal from the brain which tells the cat to lick.
• It could be a brain perception disorder – what is known as encephalitis, or a soft tissue or bone inflammation problem, or an allergic disease.
• It could be a symptom of a disease such as feline leukemia – this is when cats become anemic and lick odd things such as window panes, walls, or cement walks
• It is a sign that they are infested with cat parasites such as fleas – you need to bathe cats occasionally. Use a flea shampoo to kill fleas and remove dander that can cause human allergies.
• It could also be an allergic reaction – especially when they can inhale lots of allergens. It has been estimated that thirty five percent of all cats suffer from food allergies. Read the rest of this entry »

As you are starting to plan your summer travels, might as well think about taking your pet cat with you. However, it’s not going to be an easy preparation. Getting an airplane ticket for yourself is easy while getting your cats tickets may take a little more planning.

Airlines have federal rules to follow when it comes to pet air travel. These guidelines and restrictions may cause you some headache and frustrations. You just have to bear in mind that they have been put in place for your pet’s safety.

To help you prepare, try to follow this checklist for a much comfortable and safer trip:

1) Health check
– Make sure that you have updated the vaccinations of your cats.

– Make sure she has the suitable protection against heart worm. This is important especially if you’ll be visiting an area where mosquitoes overly populate.

2) Stuffing-up for your cats
– You must carry with you the all the necessary certificates and health proof of your pets all the time. Surely, you’ll be required to show those papers along with your cats once you will carry them on board.

– Don’t forget to prepare water for your cats, as well as the food bowl. Also, be sure to include in the pack all necessary equipments like grooming stuffs and medicines (particularly for heartworm). It’s also better to take a supply of the regular food they eat so that digestive problems may not likely happen. You are not certain that their cat food is available at your destination so it’s always better to be prepared. Read the rest of this entry »

One of the cleanest and most domesticated animals you can raise at home is a cat. Like any other pets, cat health concerns are something you should pay attention to. With proper care and application of healthy tips, surely you can extend your cat pet’s life. 

Even though most of the cats are independent and strong in nature, they still need help from their owner to stay healthy, clean and fit. It is very important to maintain good hygienic order of your pet to keep them away from sickness and health issues. Here are some effective ways you can implement to raise your cat healthy and keep cat health issues away from you and your cat:

1.) Exercise – this is the best way to keep your cat healthy. Provide your cat some toys and proper cat scratching post or something like rolled up sock or small ball to roll around. This will keep your pet amused, especially if they are just staying indoors.

2.) Food – although they are just considered pet, cats should be given proper food. It is always good to give them access to fresh water and nutritious food. Cats love to eat canned foods than dry ones. Avoid feeding your cat with foods that will cause them to gain skin diseases or allergies.

3.)  View and access – pet cats, especially those who are staying indoors love to look out the windows and watch what’s outside. Clear some spot or make a small platform in front of your cat’s favorite window for them to stay in and have easy access to the view outside.

4.) Safe environment – cat’s health is not just all about proper feeding, but also clean and harmless environment. Safely store away any toxic materials that may harm your cat or other pets. Keep table scraps to a minimum and pay attention to indoor plants that you may have put inside the house – some may be poisonous to cats.

5.) Medication – to maintain good health, your cat needs other medication support like vaccinations because even a healthy cat may get sick. Also, have your cats checked by the vet to ensure that they are in good condition.

6.) Apparels – your cat must have litter, a litter box, food dish and water dish which should be regularly cleaned-up. Although they stay inside, provide your cat an ID collar, just in case your cat gets lost.

7.) Brushing – it’s not necessary to bathe your cat often.  You can brush the coat of your cat at least once a day to keep your pet clean. It will also reduce the risk of hairballs and keep their coat nice. 
Cat Health Concerns - Free Pet Cat
There are still more tips on how to raise your cat healthy. It’s a good practice to apply such effective guidelines in order to keep your pet more appealing not only to you but also for others who might come across your pet. Pictures of cats may be taken by your guests and it is such a shame if others notice that you have cat health concerns. So keep them attractive with these easy to follow health tips.

Having a new kitten in the house is exciting, fun, as well as challenging especially for first time pet cat parents. Just like welcoming a new baby, it is necessary that you prepare cat products for your pet even by just starting with only the basic ones.

While still thinking of the other supplies to acquire from your favorite pet shop, you should take note that the most essential supply to look for and prioritize is the cat food. Quality and appropriate food will help your cat grow well without cat health issues. With only just a couple of weeks, you may already start buying things for your cat.

To help you decide what to shop for, here is a list of cat products that your cat will surely need:

1.) Litter tray scoop – this will mainly help you remove solids easily.

2.) Cat Tree or Scratching Post – because cats naturally scratch, you should provide a scratching post. This will ensure that your cat will not use your furniture or carpet as scratch post.

3.) Bowls for water and food – there are many options wherein you can choose from when you buy food and water bowls. Such bowls comes in plastic, metal, pottery, and automatic ones and even available with drinking fountains. The pottery type of bowl is sturdy, with lesser chances of breaking. It is also microwaveable in case you need your cat food warmed before meal time.

4.) Cat carrier – this is more useful particularly if you travel a lot and want to bring your cat with you. Also, it is convenient to use when you need to visit a vet.

5.) Cat Toys – to keep your cat lively and alert, you should provide toys like the interactive ones, toy mice and other appropriate toys for your cat.

6.) Cat Bed – you should give your cat a comfortable resting place. The cat beds in the market are of different styles and forms. Some are relatively plain and some are so fancy, just try to consider the quality if you buy one. If you are short of funds, you can create the cat bed. A cardboard box and a soft blanket will do. That way, you can exercise your creativity with your own unique design and style.

7.) Cat Book – If you are new to cat raising, this cat product can be of great contribution. You will be able to know important guidelines and facts about growing a cat. It is really helpful to grab one such as general cat health book to learn and have further idea to nurture your pet.

8.) Worming and Flea – Control Products – this product in particular is essential to keep your cat pet away from attack of parasites. It is better that you ask recommendation from your veterinarian about what particular brand or product to use. Some of the excellent products on the market these days can easily be applied to the back of the neck once a month. Gone are those messy pastes and tablets for worming and controlling the flea of your pet.

Cute Cat Waiting for Cat Products Bought from Pet ShopsMore cat products are not yet mentioned here. There are several supplies that you should get familiar with if you want to provide your cat all of its needed apparels. You can make use some pictures of cats with corresponding products on it, which are provided on the Internet so you can have an overview of how the products look like.

You may think that only people are keen to the clicks and flickers of a camera. People have the capability to pose and project in front of this wonderful technology capable of freezing and preserving beautiful moments of different types of individuals. But you will be amazed at how pictures of kittens and cats reveal their capability to make different faces as well as poses. And pet owners and photography enthusiasts can capture these best during their unguarded pet moments.

While you were sleeping. This is not just your famous movie title but while your cat is sleeping is one of the best ways to capture precious pictures. Cats have the capability to sleep in whatever position and location. They can even sleep on their backs with their claws held up high. Who wouldn’t want to take such pictures of cats. But they can also sleep on their side.

What is general about cats is that they can sleep in short stretches of time. Humans would definitely hate such moments of sleeping but cats can endure such. They are even easily awaked by the slightest of sounds in the area where they are napping. So keep your noise at the minimum because cats would also need some sleep.

Always remember that their sleep is one of the precious basis of their freedom. They will certainly hate to be awakened intentionally for no specific purpose. So keep off while they are sleeping. Read the rest of this entry »

Persian Cats for Sale

Author: breeder

persiandreamcatchers.com Here they have at least 5 Persian cats for sale at any time. This cattery has 9 Persian mother cats and 4 fathers.

persiankittens.org This is nice cattery. Prices vary according to

Silver Persians
Chinchilla: $ 1,000 – $ 1,500
Shaded: $ 1,000 – $ 1,200

White Persians (Blue, Green,Odd Eyes and Copper Eyes)
$ 1,000 – $ 1,800

Shell Cameos
$1,000- $ 1,300

purrassnowpersians.com – lots of Persian kittens for sale, prices $400 as a pet, $500 with Breeding Rights.

moppetlandpersians.com – they have good explanation what pure Persian breed means and how to deal with not good Persian catteries. Persian kittens for sale $900.

crystalpurrs.com – A CFA Registered Cattery. They do not sell kittens with breeding rights. Price for a pet $800-$900.

cozykittens.com – 20 years of breeding the traditional Doll-Face
Persians and Himalayans.

baybrookecats.com – The cattery has 4 male Persians and 8 Persian mothers.

muffhymscattery.com – Persian kittens from $800. Some od Persian cats for sale have breeding rights.

puffypersiankittens.com – Doll and flat faced varieties.

Silver Persian kitten - Beauty

Silver Persian kitten - Beauty

My husband has never liked cats. When we suddenly had a mouse problem, I talked him into getting a cat for our house. He turned to Freecycle and Craigslist. It was almost like it was meant to happen.

My husband found a woman who was having to give away her husband’s cat because their little girl had developed allergies.

When she bought him to our house, he was scared and extremely nervous. My husband was afraid he had made a mistake.

After Jax warmed up to us, he made himself right at home. He is an overweight lap kitty. He would rather be next to someone or in their lap than anywhere else. He is a fat kitty. He wheezes when he purrs, grunts while he sleeps, and when he gets excited he drools everywhere. He is a silly character.

His favorite past time is sitting in the chair underneath our dinning room table. There he waits for our dogs to walk by to eat, drink, or go outside. When they pass he will hit them on their heads.

He loves teasing my 10 month old son to play. He will walk by and drag his tail across my son, knowing he will want to play. At the end of the night, after everyone is asleep, he will jump in my lap and wheeze/purr until bedtime.

When I was pregnant he refused to sit anywhere unless I was within arms length. He would follow me anywhere I went. He is a silly kitty and at times acts more like a dog than a cat.

He comes running when you call his name (or his nickname, Fat Fat). Every morning he is up crying for food as soon as anyone gets up. He has to sleep in between my husband and myself, well until our baby comes to our bed. He will make room for him.

Mr. Pookie was rescued from a shelter but I really feel he rescued me. My son and I picked him out just before we moved to our new home. I was leaving the only town I had ever lived in for 45 years and I wasn’t sure what the future held for my son, Mr. Pookie and me.

Never thought I would get divorced after 2 years of marriage and that I would become a cat person! My son wanted Mr. Pookie so bad but as with all wants, it turned into a cat that I have taken care of and fallen head over heels for.

My companion when my son’s at school, my alarm clock every morning at 6:00.(can’t believe you wrote that- on the dot at 6:00! Even on Saturday and Sunday! If only he would learn to sleep in!

My entrainment when I’m blue, Mr.Pookie has filled emptiness in me. He is funny and to this day a little in the nervous side. I will never know what he went through before he became mine but I know he will always feel love and security from me.

He is one of the family, a happy family who is thankful for a cat’s unselfish love.

I find cats very interesting pets to me. The way they cuddle their furry bodies, heads and even tails to my legs. They exude a unique fascinating character and comfortable peculiarity of being an adorable pet.

I have this very interesting experience with a pet cat I loved few years back in a place where I used to live. Actually, this is a strayed cat from a neighbor. It is unusual to have a pet transferring from one house to another but this one I observed ever since I temporarily stayed in that neighborhood, this lovely cat with fine gray colored fur would actually jump on my open window and tuck snuggling herself beside me during night time when I am sound asleep.

I would sometimes wake up in the middle of the night patting her and whispering loving words to her, welcoming her to my side. I called her my girlfriend’s name Joanna because I imagine she would be there sleeping with me and watching over me that reminds me of my sweet memories with my girlfriend when we have our intimate moments together cuddling and embracing each other.

This cat is very gorgeous and lovely because she seems to be sweet and cuddly. She would always follow me wherever I go and snuggle its mushy fur on my skin. This pussy cat displays a character of an extremely loving type which I do not find in any other cats I had.

But one day I was moving out of the place for this was just a temporary stay, I was looking for her thinking I could bring her with me but I thought it is very impossible because somebody really own this adorable cat.

So, I was just peeping on my window to look after her and just bid my last goodbye at least. As I was packing up my things and carry my luggage to the truck, I was still looking behind with my eyes searching all over the place hoping I might catch a glance and give her my last hug.

But to my dismay I get on the car and driving away from that place lonesome just reminiscing the happy memories I’ve had with her. While I was driving my way out of the neighborhood, I heard the person at the back seat of my truck, shouting and yelling at me at the top of his voice, “The cat! The cat! She’s following us and running after the truck!”

My eyes were filled with tears and overflowing my cheeks because I can feel the sadness and the longing of that cat struggling her way out running desperately after me where I will be heading. I cannot stop and look back or pick her up because she is not really mine and she belongs to someone else.

I absolutely love my cat! He is as much a part of the family as anyone. My cat is what I like to refer to as a “pound puppy”. We got him from a shelter when he was about 7 weeks old.

He was so tiny he only weighed about a pound and could not even eat solid food! He was my first “out of the cage” animal, so I did not know what to expect.

It was a shock to me to see just how energetic kittens are, but after those initial growing pains, it was great! I lived alone when I first get my cat (I have since gotten married) and we were inseparable.

I used to go home at lunch everyday to spend time with him and he would lick my lunch bowl when I was done. He also used to suck on his tail when he was a baby. I never quite figured out why he would do that, but it was so cute!

My cat is now almost five, but he still thinks he is a kitten. He will stand in front of the bedroom door and cry if only myself or my husband has woken up for the day and the other is sleeping.

He also comes running when we call him, which we get a kick out of. Our cat is definitely like a child to us and we would not trade him in for anything!